Unlimited Webhosting, does not mean Actually Unlimited

If you wish to run online business or website. Determine your requirement, and then decide what you exactly require.

Few of the reasons why unlimited hosting does not mean unlimited

First: Most of the hosting companies that claim that you get unlimited hosting, it don’t really mean everything is unlimited. You can host an unlimited number of domains on one an account, but it doesn’t mean that they will provide you with unlimited resources as well.

Two: Such hosting accounts have a huge amount of storage and bandwidth, but they are shared between all its hosted domains. So, it is not unlimited actually.

Three: Nobody is there to donate you unlimited, if it is actually unlimited, none have gone for dedicated servers.

Four: Most of the businesses online won’t ever need unlimited hosting account. So, why get hosting that is more than you need?

Five: When you have an unlimited hosting account, you will have to learn how to get around so that you can run your business. These types of hosting accounts are not always so easy to figure out. You have to be willing to spend quite a bit of time learning your way around before you can effectively use it. Not many people have this kind of time.

Six: Most of the unlimited hosting providers that you find don’t have good customer support or not enough help, so you are responsible for your own hosting accounts. They may have a Knowledgebase, but not a person you can help you on call or chat.

Seven: Some of the hosting accounts will ask you to make a long term commitment, but for most people this is not a good idea because you have to flexible when you have a home business.

Eight: With unlimited hosting accounts, there are times that you will have to experience down time because there are a lot accounts on the same server, though it is shared and this may cause it to crash at times. So, you can not expect 100% uptime.

Nine: With these types of hosting accounts you can’t rely on them to be reliable for your business needs. They usually take a long time to load sites and this is definitely bad for business.

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