How to install plesk on Centos 6-64bit

Remove Exisiting Versions of Apache, PHP, MySQL and Cyrus
These compents can and will cause conflits with the Plesk install so your best of removing them run the following:

yum remove http*
yum remove php*
yum remove cyrus*
yum remove mysql*

You don’t need to run above Linux commands if you have fresh centos installed.

Disable SELinux status
SELinux or Security-Enhanced Linux will also cause conflits with the plesk install and when you are adding / creating websites, your best to disbale it.

setenforce 0

On my VPS which installed centOS, it doesn’t have this file: cat /etc/sysconfig/selinux

Make a working directory
Make and navigate to your working directory where you will run the auto installer

mkdir /root/plesk
cd /root/plesk

Now we will wget the Plesk 11 installer for Centos 6 64 bit


this is 64bit CentOS version.

To give it execution permissions

chmod +x parallels_installer_v3.12.0_build120601.16_os_CentOS_6_x86_64

Run the auto installer

./parallels_installer_v3.12.0_build120601.16_os_CentOS_6_x86_64 --web-interface

After installation, open Internet Browser and go to below URL:

https://your-server-ip-address:8447/ and start installation accordingly

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