Algorithms Used By Big G (Google) To Ranked Local Search Result

Big G recently Released a video for helping webmasters to tell how local search ranking works. oh understand Big G is not going to tell you everything  but the video is released by Google is Going to give a layout or hint how local search works. In this video Big G talks Beyond the ranking factors Google local search have its own algorithms. In this post i cover some of the techniques Which Is Highlighted by Big G. Then in my next post i will tell more facts that affect local Search result.

Big G tells you the factor it consider while serving up local listings are relevance, prominence, and distance  to your search quarry. Big G also called the local result “Organic Listing” – hmmm

The 3 products that Big G tells you after telling what ranking factor is used to rank local listing is Google Hotpot, tags and boost. we already know Google Hotpot produced customized result according to you and your community’s reviews when you signed, it makes search more relevant and also affects the ranking.

Google’s Boost puts together small business and ad campaigns for you.  you write a description about your business and choose appropriate category and set a budget, and leave the rest of parts on Google shoulders. you can all it adword for dummies. all insights you can accessed through your places dashboard. and yaaa one important thing your budget should be minimum $50 monthly.

By Using Google Boost you can make your business shows up in the ad section as a blue pin on the map.  this makes clear why Google pushed the Local map on the top on the SERP page around the time of Google placed search rolled out. its like Google started Selling Blue Pins.

What about Distance, ahhh distance Some Internal BCI researcher Suggest depending on your search quarry that the max distance a business can be a 30 miles from a searcher. the closer the business is to the location then higher priority is given.

Big G already told you local result are not get on the top by tacking part in Tags or Google boost, so what are the factors that are involved while ranking the Local Result? So wait for my Next Post in Which i provide you an in dept knowledge of How Google place get ranked.Tag or Boost are have any relation with prominence and distance. i don’t think so it have any relation with prominence and distance. what is Tag? For a flat monthly charge is $25 for per Google place listing, Tag is yellow marks that appears on local place result or map result for your business and gives you authority to promote your business through coupons, photos, videos, or post to your place page.

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